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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nishika Nori Post

Guess what?? I AM 14 AS OF YESTERDAY!! And I'm lovin it! My mommy got me a matching set of undies and bra! AND THEY'RE MY FAVORITE COLOR!! GREEN!! But the real gift shes going to get me is going to be here on Friday. I'm pretty sure it's the new Fruits Basket book that came out last month. But I was on vacation in Delaware so I couldn't buy it... I was sad... but I'm gonna be getting it in five days! YIPPY!! I've been drawing A LOT more lately! I've almost completed a story for once in my life! Aren't you all proud of me??

My nephew was born while I was away from the otaku... he is so cute! But they named him after my brother BARF!! But I bet you my nephew will be so much more well behaved since he now has me! And he is not going to turn out like my brother if I have anything to say about it. Well I gotta go and have my big birthday bash with the family! (And next time I'm gonna share one of my dreams with you... It was pretty cool! And also Joe Jonas' birthday was last Friday... and he's coming to my town soon.)

Bye Bye!

Nishika Nori Loves ya! Well... I LOVE YA!!


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