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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nishika Nori Post

Hey! Guess what people?? I like someone else now! His name is Lucas, wrestler, football player, blonde, musckles, skater, skater hair and 361 days younger than me! He is so cute! And so mean! But thats what MAKES him cute! I kno I kno I'm a big mushball for shirtless guys. I see his abs like everyday because he likes to swim at the place that I work at. And I LOVE IT!! Me likes Lucas, and Cody, and Justin, and Ben... to many guys... all so cute!

Yea I work at this summer camp and Lucas also works their and I'm his boss. And I had a dream last night that we were sitting by the lake (where we work) and my boss got a phone call from my mom saying that my nephew might die. So I started crying and Lucas walked over to me and sat down and started comforting me. And maybe 20 minutes later our eyes locked and I kissed him... strange hunh?! (Even though I kinda want that to happen.)

I also got a myspace! AND IM LOVING IT! I'm friends with Demi Lovato and she is so sweet! I love her! And I tried talking to Joe Jonas but he has been corrupted by fame and is a total jack ass. But Demi is so nice and her birthdays four days after mine! WIERD!!

Nishika Nori

She loves ya...! Well... I LOVE YA!!

Bye Bye

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