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Friday, January 18, 2008

A Nishika Nori Post

Ok... I'M BACK EVERYONE!!! Did you miss me? (Please say yes or I'll be in a corner for the rest of my life.) I got caught on the internet without permission and was grounded, I'm still grounded but they left the internet on! SSHHHHH!

OK... I'm completely in love with Cody now, I can't live without him, I think I might die if I ask him out and he says no, but I'm getting closer to asking him out. See two days ago, I asked him if he liked anyone, and we're good enough friends that he would tell me and this is what he said, "Yea... no...!" He started to say yes but then he said no, I'm guessing the person he liked was nearby... OH MI GOD!! Tee Hee! But I'm pretty sure he likes me now, I'm going to try asking him out! Well I have to go!

I missed you guys!

Nishika Nori

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