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Thursday, December 6, 2007

   Nishika Nori Post

OK, I lied, I still like Cody, and... the funniest thing in the world... is watching guys try to sled. We have a hill at our school, so we sled down it if there's snow. And so today, I was watching guys topple over each other, run into each other and into poles, do back flips, snow skateboarding... with frisbees, and guys losing their pants. The funniest was watching five guys try to fit onto a sled... they fell over before they even got half way down, which was hilarious. Cody (AKA my crush) decided to roll down the hill without a coat on, and ran into a pole, though fun to watch, I felt a little quilty for enjoying it so much, then laughed a lot.

Oh, Cody and Marcus (Marcus is a good friend) decided that it would be fun to piss me off in the middle of math. So they started making these wierd noises and I couldn't consentrate, and I say to Marcus, "Stop it or I will beat you with a wooden stick, a THICK wooden stick." Then that's when Cody decided to start pissing me off so I say to him. "And I'm going to treat you nicely, I'M GOING TO BEAT YOU WITH A METAL ROD THICKER THAN A TELEPHONE POLE!!" Then Austin (good friend) decided to piss me off too! So I said to him, "I'M GOING TO BEAT YOU WITH A SEVENTH GRADER!!" He knew I was talking about Beaver, Zack's little brother (another good friend).

Then on the way home, Austin rides the bus near my house, Cody's mom picks him up, and Matt (not good friend, but was with him anyway) rode the public bus, so they all decided to have a snowball fight, and I was in the middle of it, it was completely fun though!! That's all that matters... oh... and my BFF Chey (BFF) comes up to me during sciene to say, "Yo, you know the Cody has a nice ass right?" I'm just like, "Why are you staring at my man's ass?" "Cause I sit right behind him... or he sits behind me... whatever but whenever I turn around BAM!! There it is, nice in every way." So I smack my forehead.

Oh, and just flashbacking here but on like the second week of school, I told Cody to pull his pants up, so he pulled them down, and I laughed, of course, then a teacher said "CODY _______!(Not giving last name for obvious reasons.) PULL UP YOUR PANTS BEFORE I PULL THEM UP FOR YOU!! Then he pulls um up, then he walks in front of me, to his ride home, and I walk.


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