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Monday, May 11, 2009

   It's been a while! Ahhh!
Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I haven't been on the otaku for almost a year now! I feel horrible neglecting it! But I have a perfectly good explanation! Eheheheh ^^'
Welllll....here it goes!
So After my boyfriend [Josh]...who soon became my fiance just before joining the army, left for basic training, I kinda shut down. I went from spending 24/7 with him to spending 24/7 alone. And it sucked. I thought I'd be okay while he was away for basic, but it turns out I learned how much I really needed him and how hard it was for me to be away from him. He learned the same lesson I did, mind you. So for 6 months I spent my days as a zombie....literally! ...okay....minus the craving for brains! Until he finally came home for christmas! Then I spent another month zombie-fied before the weekend of valentine's day. Which is when we got married! ^^' Shocked? Many ppl were! So now I'm living 8 hours from where I used to, near an army base, living the life of an army wife! An anime crazy army wife that is! hehe :g_smile:
All in all I hope everyone can forgive for neglecting MyOtaku.... and all of you of course.... plz forgive meh?

The One and Only,

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