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Saturday, July 10, 2004


Well i lost my drag race.*tear drops*I red lit.*Sigh*Well what can i do about it now im gonna be in last.Well we have this point series,(SP?)And theres 10 weeks of it and i have 220 already.You get 20 points for signing up early and i think its 40 points for trying andI believe 100 points for first place winner and my brother is tied with the owner of the store mike.Well im pretty bummed.-_-I hope you all like my site,I really had to get off that subject.Well leme talk about my day,Okay i first went swimming at my grandmas house and then my mom took us in the H2 to go to a meeting at the bank(OMG!That was soooo boring)And then i was gonna go to the bathroom but chris,(My brothers friend)Was taking forever to wash his hands and i go to put his car on the little ledge thats probably a foot long and then i was in the bathroom about to(You know what)And i hear a boom.I hurried up and his car was on the floor.I did not knock it over he did not knock it over.I had my hands in my pocket and i was in the bathroom and chris was in the other room but he thanked me after because it actually goes faster.And these cars are slot cars not real ones.But for my b-day my dad gave me his old Z-28 and man do i love it.(A real life size Z-28)My mom has the hummer2 and my brother has the blazer and another car i dont know the car type but yeah we have alot of cars.^_^*Well i got to go to bed so LUV-YALL!Good Night.-_-

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