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Tuesday, July 6, 2004

   Whos Your Favorite Charicter?
Im taking another poll but this time its shorter timeing,because the last one was ending on the 5th of july but thistime its gonna end on the 11th,so that gives you 5 days to vote.You'll have to pick two all together.Well heres your choices,
Inuyasha-Inuyasha or kagome
Yu Yu Hakusho-Heai or Kurabara(SP?)
Teen Titans-Beast Boy or Raven
Code Lyoko-Jeramy or Ileda
Trigun-Vash or Meryl
I know teen titans and Code Lyoko are from America,i wanted to put them on.So i would like to say again vote before the 11th.^_~*vote,VOtE,VoTe.

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