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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

random stuff

-Freak in bed.
-Rare to find!
-Loves being in long relationships.=)
-Likes to give a good fight for what they want.
-Extremely outgoing.
-Outstanding kisser.
-Sexual as fuck.

-Alwayz gets what they want
-Knows how to fuck
-Laid back
-Not to be messed with
-Rare to find
-Good when found
-Loves being in long relationships
-Love is one of a kind.
-Great listeners
-Very Good in bed.
-Always horny.

-Predicts future.
-Most erotic.
-Freak in bed.
-GREAT kisser.
-Not one to mess with.
-Always get what they want

-Great Kisser.
-Very high sex appeal.
-Most horny.
-Love is one of a kind.
-Very romantic.
-Most caring person you will ever meet!
-Lover not a fighter, but will still punch your lights out.
-AmAzInG n BeD..!!!

-Center of attention.
-Too Sexy, DAMN IT.
-Very high sex appeal.
-Has the last word.
-Extremely weird but in a good way.

-Always horni!
-Very gentle.
-Amazing in bed!!!
-Kiss you will neva forget!
-Very romantic.
-Love is one of a kind.
-Crazy and fun, sweet!
-Have own unique sexiness.Very nice!!!
-Most caring person you will ever meet!

-always horni.
-up for anything.
-Predict future.
-a lovin person.
-Irrestible, awesome kisser.
-Great talker.
-Always gets what he or she wants.
-BY FAR the BEST in BED.

-One of a kind.
-Loves being in long-term relationships.
-Extremely energetic.
-from the future.
-will exceed your expectations.
-Amazing in bed, THE BEST LOVERS.

-Not one to fuck with.
-Take you on trips to the moon in bed.
-Crazy and wild
-Loves to flirt
-Great with kisses
-Always sex on the brain

-Great talker.
-Always horny.
-Laid back.
-Knows how to have fun.
-Great kisser.
-Center of attention.
-Down to earth.
-Loves being in long relationships.
-Not one to mess with.
-Rare to find.
-Good when found.

-Dominant in relationships.
-Always horny(LIKE RIGHT NOW)
-Freak in bed.
-Always wants the last word.

-Freak in Bed.
-High sex appeal.
-Rare to find.
-Great when found.
-Loves being in long relationships.
-Puts up with no shit.
-Loves being on top of the world


woooo aresnal

me do support aresnal!!!

_________________________ _____________________ _____________________ _________________________ _________________________ _____________________ _ _ _____________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _____________________

ten reasons why you should date a soccer player

1. We Have The Rite Touch
2. We R Used To Scoring
3. We Can Go on Soft Or Hard
4. We'll Make U Scream For More
5. Sweating Is No Problem
6. Skill Is Definite
7. We'll Play Anywhere Anytime
8. We Can Go For 90 Minutes
9. We Can Go In 11 Different Positions
10. We R Always On Top

lol thats true

well my random stuff...............


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Friday, February 22, 2008

   people please watch this video and comment

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

   subject ,,,.....!!!!!!~~~~~~!!!!!!.....,,,,,,,
grrr........i dont know where to start this half term as bin like......unexplaiable, well i had work on the saturday after the breaking up day at school, which sucked, then the next day i went painballing with swift dude and his brother and i gotta tell you that was fun, i got shot a few times though, but whilst thinking of somebody i got 3 headshots with 3 bullets in 3 shots in a row........which shocked me, gotta do that more often, (that person i think u know who u are) i got shot in the head, in the leg in the back and while commanding someone to shoot someone that is pretty good, pointing to him he shot me in the wrist, it kinda hurt and its swolen now, but after that to cool things down i had a dinner round there and swift dudes mum is a awesome cook!!!! then on the next monday i went to the cinima with swift dude and my other friends karl, we went to see the jumper, then as soon as we came out the whole of stratford was taped off and police was evacuating us so i had to walk home >:( then the next day......what did i do......oh yeh i went round my sisters house and got attacked by her dogs, i got licked to death by a sheep dog and a fully grown rockwhiler........"gross" lol but she had a 60 inch tv so i didnt want to leave lol, the next day, (today) i went round sabzys, she made me watch baseketball, its was ok, but i was there for about 4 hours bored.......i had to help her with posters, she made me sit on a yoga ball, (evil!!!) and then i got home and was talking to karl and he said that japanessqueen said some things, AND NO IM NOT GOING TO TELL ANY OF YOU THOSE THINGS SO DONT BOTHER ASKING! and then it made me pretty down for her, i hope she is ok......japanessqueen i dont care how u look i still love you!!!
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

   my thursday
well its v day......it turned out to be pretty good....and funny....and painful.......some embarising.......well here it goes i thought i would be down all day but i wasnt i actualy got very perverted....dang doodily dong.....(not like me) and the painful part was i got dragged along the floor in dance class while burning both of my elbows and tanni tok my shoe and threw it...it hit my ding dong....then i got kicked there many times (lost count) and i also got tooth ache and a ear ache........ and this part is part funny part embarising......lol sabzy grabed my hand to try and draw on me then she got my hand properly and blushed....lol.....she rekons i blushed./.......i wouldnt know....i didnt have a mirror then.....but she went bright red......adn i feel out of order too......i havent got her a v present and she got me one..........i feel so horrible......

please comment

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

kiss me fool (beat u too it japanessqueen)
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

my tuesday
well.....i started a clock project and i built my very own clock....i had to pay 1 for a clock that I made......i should of done what sabzy did and just took it put it in her bag and say i dont know where it is........(damn why are girls always that one little bit smarter!!?) loland i found o0ut that i gna go ice skating with my buddies......which sounds fun.....(sabzy if i dont get the prezzy on the 14th i try and get it then or some time earlyer if i can) so hows life people? looking forwads to the 14th? im not......im not quite sure but it gets me down alot.......dont ask why thats just me....everyone wont shut up saying stuff likke "oh man i aitn got a valentine im so ugly" and sobs there brain out.....get a hold of you self!!!!! sheesh......

please comment

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

today was really really bad...... i was gna go camdon with sabzy and....wait for it...it caught alight the day before the day we was gna go....what are the fucking chances of that!! and then she came over and i couldnt really talk and that because i had to go to east ham........
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Friday, February 8, 2008

ggrrrrr...... for the past 2 days (thursday and friday) sabzy and japanessqueen aint been in school, because of a d.t trip to a construcion site...... its been really boring without them.... and i've figured out what i am, im not gothic or grunge..... i say im an emo...... yes that is short for emotional..... and also im not looking forwads to febuary the 14th... a.k.a valentines day........ it always makes me miserable every year....... no idea why..... anyway i gna try and be happy :S

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nightmare Dragon
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