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Sunday, December 24, 2006

   Happy Holidays!
Days like this, I really wish more than anything else that all my good friends around the world lived in walking distance, all in the same neighborhood. We're so close, but it's impossible to sit down with them, exchange gifts, watch some cheesy Christmas movies on TV.

But even when we're all so far away from each other, myO is a neighborhood in every sense of the word. Sometimes some of us bicker, egg and TP each others' houses, call the police because they won't turn the damn radio down... but we also listen to each other. Help each other. Do the egging and TPing for our friend if we're feeling particularly generous. Whether you're one of the oldies who "built this place with their bare hands," or a newbie who plays baseball in the street and occasionally breaks the windows of the elderly members, you belong here.

So I'll put out the Christmas dinner, some cookies to snack on, the hot cocoa, and turn the TV to whatever's on... and if there isn't anything on, we can just laugh at some of the hideous excuses for movies that HBO airs. Don't worry about the time. You can stay as long as you like.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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