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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm hooooooome. Actually I've been home since Sunday night, but haven't been coherent enough to say anything. And fighting off a hangover. (No, that's a lie, but I did have some Chardonnay at the family Christmas party. I mixed in some seltzer, though - not because of my tolerance, but because I wanted to dillute the taste a little. Most of my other cousins indulged in the wine as well; we were totally giving into the Irish family stereotype.) But it is slowly returning! Wheeeeee.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see if I can get some work done on all the Christmas cards. Augh, they're probably going to be late, I feel so bad. OTL. FORGIVE ME, GUYS, I STILL LOVE YOU.

And speaking of cards, I got them from Molly and Red thus far! Thank you, you two! You make me happy. :D

I can't believe there's only five days left until Christmas. Where the hell did the rest of December go? Our decorations look great, though. I'll have pictures of the tree at some point, because it always looks gorgeous. I set up the village, as always, and Dad got the lights up. He put colored lights on a smallish tree with a long trunk, so the lights are sort of floating in midair, like a hat. It has been termed the "I'm Thinkin' Arby's" tree.

And now I sleep, because braindead people shouldn't be up this late. Oh, also, I got a 90 on my Psych exam. I'm completely in shock; I didn't think an A was possible. But I absolutely busted my ass on it, so I'm seriously, seriously happy.

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