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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lalala, nothing to see here, skip over.
I do everything I can to make my friends happy. I give them things when they don't expect it, I leave comments and send text messages to make sure they're having a good day, and I try so hard to cheer them up when they're upset. And I don't mind that. I enjoy it a lot, actually. But how come, when I'm in a bad mood, I feel more alone than anything else?

I don't want anything special from anyone. All I want is acknowledgement that I exist and I mean SOMETHING to them, when I'm not doing them favors. Something unprompted by guilt. A simple "have a nice day" would be more than enough.

I've just been down since realizing that my high school friends - every single one of them, no exception - just moved right along like I was never there. And that's what always happens. And I feel like that's what's always going to happen. What is it that makes me so unmemorable to people?

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