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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

First thing's first. Heroes is fabulous, y'all. Go watch it. If only for Hiro, the teleporting otaku.

Now that I'm out of the South, I need to ween myself off the word "y'all," much as I love it. People hear it and go, "O HOW QUAINT," and I'm not very quaint, y'see. Hell, I was raised up here! Damn you, Florida. You ruined my vernacular!

My weekend was rather fun! Not much relaxation time in there, but it's good to just go out once in a while. I went to see Lauren from Sewanne at Northeastern University, which is way, way nicer than Brandeis. They have a food court! A FOOD COURT! With Taco Bell and Wendy's and Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts and they can use their meal points there! I'm not even going to mention all the restaurants they're near! WHY? It was lovely to see Lauren again. Such a coincidence that we'd go to school so close, too, since she lives in Georgia.

I took the T over there, too. Have I mentioned yet that I love the T? Because I adore it. I'm totally a train/bus person, I think. I've never driven. Windham didn't have ways to get around, and all Jacksonville had were skanky buses, so I'm not used to walking out the door and having a comfy, cheap way to get around. I was nervous at first, but I've gotten so used to it that I can just relax and enjoy... especially on the Green Line. THE SHIFTING FLOORS. If you have never surfed on a moving subway car, you haven't lived.

Not to mention I always underestimate how long it's going to take. I got to Harvard Square half an hour earlier than my bus back to campus. Ended up wandering into the Harvard bookstore, and holy shit it's a BARNES AND NOBLE. The CliffNotes section had notes for The Outsiders. Yes, the S.E Hinton one. Yes, the one that's less than 150 pages. I guess that's for the ones that got in on Daddy's donations? Or to be fair, I guess the math/science majors don't really have the time to crack a book.

And the next day, Sarah and I went into town. Pictures are forthcoming, notably of the awesome reddish-brown leather jacket I got for $20. Waltham isn't quite as... cozy as some of the other towns close to Boston. We got hit on by some sketchy guys (I LOLed), and Sarah says she saw some guy with a gun. I guess when I make my Dunkin Donuts run eventually, I should bring someone, just to be safe. But all the same, compared to Jax, Waltham seems quite safe to me. And PSA: I love my Sarah. That is all.

Next weekend's vacation has caused some complications, but nothing I can't handle. I have to finish my essay on Friday and drop it at Mr. Plunkett's office before I leave. And sensei changed the Japanese oral presentation from Tuesday to Monday, but Matt agreed to be my partner and work something out. Raburabu. A bit mixed up, but nowhere near enough to make me regret it. Sensei was all laying on the guilt, like, "It must be something very important for you to miss class." And it is. :D And besides, a certain someone slept through her last oral presentation and still got to do it, and I haven't missed a single class. So nyah! Nyah, I say!

And today? Morning was rather stressful for certain reasons. But Akiko's coming to watch DGM in an hour, which will be my salvation. But until then, I have my lukewarm coffee and satire essay. So I will stop procrastinating. Ah, college. Joy.

Oh, by the way? SHAMELESS PLUG TIME.

Do you enjoy fantasy stories with intrigue, action, dark humor, sadistic characters, and a delicate side of sexual tension? Well, so do I. But I've got the next best thing?

My new novel-length story, Catalyst, has been extremely well-received on my LJ (moreso than my last story, In Descending Order), but reviewers on both deviantART and FictionPress have been rather silent. So I thought I'd give it a plug over here. There are only three chapters so far, and they're all over here:


I understand everyone is busy, but if you've got the chance, drop a review and tell me what you think? I'd seriously appreciate it!

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