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Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday morning, and other various signs of the apocalypse.
Slept through the alarm yet AGAIN this morning, luckily I woke up by chance at 8:20. I do believe my dream involved toasting bagels and several my friends getting into a comment war with a famous deviantArt artist, I don't know, maybe it's my deep-seated desire to see my friend own this annoyingly prolific girl. XD

Since we're out of water bottles, I tried to buy a bottle from the vending machine downstairs. The machine proceeded to eat my four quarters, along with the change I tried to knock it down with. And that hill is such a fucking bitch to climb and I can barely breathe after those stairs, so it hurt not to have that water, plus I need some change to put on my printer card because Mr. Plunkett wants me to print $2.00 worth of my Satire paper THX.

And Japanese made me want to hurl myself into a dark chasm because CERTAIN PEOPLE just can't STFU for fifty minutes. And then she got all pissy at me because I'm sick of her distracting me and then getting asked something by Sekino-sensei and looking like an idiot. And what was the point of following me to breakfast if she was going to be bitchy at me? Oh, right, she had to babble about slash and her rationale for becoming a theatre major. Yes, yes, you don't have to do any work, you're obviously so very much smarter than me. Shoot me in the face, onegaishimasu.

At least I found an elusive bagel. Lunch with Akiko today should be fun, after which I have to get right to my Psych homework, WOE.

Are you all having as bad a day as I am? (Go ahead and bitch if so, LJ comment therapy groups are fun. XD)

P.S: Want writing commissions? Go to my dA here: http://lady-of-the-whip.deviantart.com . Cheap and... okay!

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