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Thursday, July 20, 2006

So before yesterday, the only real concert I'd been to was the Onmyouza one in Japan, and I sat at the bar the entire time. But that was mostly because my feet hurt. And the pit didn't look all that bad... since the Japanese kids practically did everything in synch. I'm serious. XD

But last night, I went to the Reel Big Fish show with my brother and his friends, Stephanie and Holly. The ride to Orlando went pretty okay; there was a car fire on Interstate 4, so we had to take a different route, but we still got to House of Blues on time. And as soon as I saw the people in line, I raised an eyebrow. What were a mass of punk and "hardcore" kids doing at a Reel Big Fish concert? Well, turns out that Reel Big Fish was playing before a band called Rancid, and the band opening for the two of them was a wannabe-hardcore band called Avail.

Avail was pretty ridiculous. XD I couldn't take them seriously at all. But I was distracted, anyway, since this kid near us was practically flailing around, and wouldn't go in the damn pit to do it. But I soon learned that whenever he came near me/crashed into me, I was allowed to shove him as hard as I could. And I did. Happily. It's really quite cathartic. I even pushed him down once! ... *has anger*

So finally, they finished, and Reel Big Fish was up. As we got as close to the stage as we could, I noticed that a lot of people around us were slightly... violent looking. And I thought, "They know you don't mosh to Reel Big Fish. They know that, right?"

My excitement at seeing the band lasted all of ten seconds... 'til they started to play and the floor because a free-for-all. It was one of those total "OH FUCK" moments. Eventually, I managed to claw myself over to where Stephanie was, and we sort of clung to each other until we found Keenan. And by then I'd managed to get someone's beer spilled all over my feet, and ew. So Keenan and I pushed our way out; I feel bad for one of the kids I shoved aside, since he was just trying to skank (the dance step one really does to a band like this one). I'M NOT USUALLY VIOLENT, DUDE. I PROMISE.

But once we got out, the show was awesome. I think my favorite part was when they took one of their songs and played it in a bunch of different musical styles, including blues, disco, country, emo, punk rock, heavy metal... there were a lot more, too. They interracted with the crowd really well, and the trombone player was hot. Just saying.

We were the only two people dancing, singing along, or getting into it at all where we were, but hey, space. :D This guy behind us was totally wasted, though, and kept shouting, "YEAAAAAAHHH! THIS IS BULLSHIT!" every few moments. (Though some people were GONE before the show even started... when we were buying T-shirts, this guy next to us kept lifting his shirt and shouting, "I'M A FUCKING COCAINE ADDICT!" WTF drunk kids.)

And for Rancid, we went upstairs. A few drunks, but mostly pretty mellow up there. There was a balcony for people who wanted to smoke, and I went out there for a while just to sit down. Got chatted up by this guy, but he was actually sober, so he was nice enough. He was there for Reel Big Fish too, so we talked about that a bit before I slipped off. (I had to get out before there was picking up involved. XD) But as I left, he went, "Rock on, sister!" which was pretty hilarious.

The show ended pretty soon after that, we got out before there were drunken fights, and had a late dinner at Steak n' Shake. And then we drove home, and made the trip in two and a half hours. Not bad at all.

I just got up. And ohgod, it hurts. XD SO SORE. I have a pretty nice set of bruises on my ankles from getting kicked, my arms are stiff (probably from all the pushing), hell, even my TOES hurt. Note to self: next time, don't wear sandals.

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