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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Ouran Host Club Saga
Okay, so yesterday morning, I caved. I decided to walk up to my local Barnes and Noble and splurge on some manga. Namely, Ouran Koukou Host Club. (It's my new big obsession... seriously, if you're not averse to shoujo crack, download the anime, or pick up the manga, which Viz is translating.)

The walk isn't that big of a distance, but when it's about 97 degrees and humid outside, it gets quite a bit longer. But me? I'm obsessed. I have a lot of time on my hands. I'm constantly auditioning for the leading role in a Shounen Jump manga. I pressed on.

Finally, I reached the bookstore, and hurried to the back where the graphic novels are. Now, see, I live in Jacksonville, Florida, a.k.a anime no-man's land. Here, either the manga's too obscure to be stocked, or there's one or two copies of everything. When I find Ouran Host Club... I only see volumes 1 and 6. The absence of middle-volumes leads me to only one conclusion...

I actually like something popular enough to be sold out HERE?

I then remember there's another part of the store that displays purely shoujo manga, and head over there. Nothing. Even though they have about a dozen other Viz/Shoujo Beat titles. Like Tokyo Mew Mew. I would make some sort of snide comment, but at that point, I was busy digging for my cellphone so Dad could drive me across the street to Books a Million. (Don't laugh. It's not humanly possible to cross that intersection on foot.)

But, as I often do, I forgot my cellphone somewhere... so I grabbed volume 6 and trekked back home in the godawful heat, shounen determination and all, and got Dad to take me to Books a Million. At first, it looked like they didn't have it, but then... I see it. Mixed in with the R's. And GRABBED THEM.

And thus, I was victorious. And the manga is awesome, and I plan to write up a post about it later.

I want to make an Ouran layout... I wish I didn't suck at these things. XD

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