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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yare, yare...
I turn around for two seconds, and what happens? ^_~

First order of business: Like my Yami, I'm taking a padawan. If you're new to the site, and you want a master who's been around forever and a day to show you the ropes, PM me and tell me a little bit about yourself... online alias, interests, favorite animes, whatever. No, I won't exclude you for any reason, I'm just curious!

Second order of business: Weighing in on the drama.

The fact that ShadowLight is a good friend of mine is beyond the point. Bashing on this site will not be tolerated. Yes, it is your journal, which means you can do with it what you like, but this is also a public forum, open to everyone who comes by your page. It is impossible that there will be no disagreements; there always are with such a large group of different people. But in the real world, we are asked to deal with people we dislike all the time. It's no different here.

You probably think I'm being overly idealistic, and I know I am. I know there's nothing I can do to stop you from lashing out at other people. But if that's what you're going to do, you need to be prepared to deal with the resulting drama, and not just from the person you attacked. Friends will, naturally, get defensive. Curling up and playing the oppressed victim just because you didn't expect that sort of fallout doesn't absolve you, it just makes you look passive-aggressive and unwilling to own up to your own words.

So please, everyone, be civil to each other. The next time the urge to chew someone out strikes you, just walk away from the keyboard. And if you just can't help yourself? Bite your tongue, apologize, and move on. It's not worth all of this drama.

And Shadow? Love you, darling. <3

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