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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It be Wednesday.
Day of Lost, hump day, and all sorts of other wonderful things. And this particular Wednesday is rather nice, because in exactly a week, I will be eighteen! Rock on, Becky. Rock on.

Where're all these pageviews coming from? It seems like I've been getting quite a few lately. *shifty-eyed* Stealth-pageviewers of dooooom.

Anyways. Since I'm going to try to upload the entirety of the PeaceMaker Kurogane anime series for the lovely Mimmi, I now ask: who wants it? I'll post the links here if everyone wants to mooch; be as greedy as you like, I'm probably using MegaUpload or something, so it's not my bandwith or anything.

Tomorrow's the last day before Spring Break, AND "Senior Takeover Day," which means I get to be my Fiction teacher for a day. Should be awesome.

I leave you with an exchange between myself and my insane Calculus teacher.

Mr. Floyd: You're gonna walk out of that test [AP Calc test] feeling like you failed it, when you really what?
Me: Tried?
Mr. Floyd: NO! You PASSED it!
Me: ... *blink*... *sigh*

Love to you all!

Oh, and by the way...


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