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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sorry I haven't been around lately. Was very busy in the past few weeks... aaaand I got all four of my wisdom teeth out yesterday.

Went to the hospital around 8:30. Didn't end up taking the Xanax after all 'cause I felt pretty calm anyway. Go me. ^_^ There was less waiting around than I expected, mostly because I had to do an exam beforehand and whatnot. Was in the waiting room for a while, then I moved to another waiting room for us outpatient-surgery kids. And the gayest Disney show in the world was on TV. There were a bunch of guys in bright, skintight sweaters dancing and singing, and little kids in matching sweaters and pirate outfits. And then it was animated. And then it was live-action again. I think it was called "The Wiggles."

So anyway, then they gave me a loritab, and "happy juice." I get on the gurney and the anaesthesiologist comes and talks to me. Says they'll put me to sleep before the needle goes in, and offers flavored laughing gas. I picked cherry. But I really didn't need to, because in the middle of talking to the surgeon, I woke up in the recovery room.

Although apparently, I was still awake when Mom left, because she said the nurse asked for my birthday, and I looked at her blankly and said, "Birthday?" That happy juice is some good stuff. I should've watched more of the Wiggles after I took it. Once I realized it was, in fact, over, I started trying to read the clock with my fun double-vision. Then when I managed to ask the doctor with a ton of gauze in my mouth, he said I was more alert than most people. Yay?

Then I got wheeled into this curtained room with my mom, and they put some anti-nausea meds in my IV and took out the gauze. I stopped bleeding really quickly, apparently. Double yay! I stayed there about fifteen minutes trying to get back to sleep, but the screaming babies were making that a bit difficult... so I convinced the nurses I was well enough to leave. Sitting up has never been that hard. *laughs*

Finally, after taking my temperature about three times ("Stick it under your tongue, honey." "I don't know where my tongue is!") they had Mom go down and bring the car around and wheeled me downstairs. Which was more difficult than it sounds, considering the elevator hated us. As soon as we reached the bottom floor, she started to wheel me around... and it closed and went to the top again.

Didn't start feeling nauseous 'til we got home again. Actually, outside home, to be more precise. But after we got inside, got to sleep on the couch for about two hours... until Dad and his friend Glen came home. Now, I've known Glen since I was, like, five, but that didn't make it any more comfortable, so I moved into my room. After emptying the contents of my stomach. (Note to self: if you're going to eat anything, eat before the Vicodin, not after.) After sleeping until about 6:00 PM, I moved back to the sofa and tried to watch some House. Which was difficult, because the first disc was scratched to hell and I couldn't get one episode to work all the way through. And by the time I put the second disc in, Dad and Glen were drinking more and more wine and laughing and talking over the TV. Not only that, but they asked me rather loud questions during Lost, and often the same ones over and over. *facepalms*

I may be being a grouch, but I don't recall inviting my friends over after my dad's shoulder surgery to talk loudly where he was trying to relax. Or laughed at him. Yes, I'm sure I'd be in on the joke if it didn't hurt to talk.

Vicodin not working as well as I thought it would. It's already made me sick twice. And I know it only works for four hours, but what good does that do if it doesn't kick in for 45 minutes? And I took one at 7:00 AM, and it never did kick in. Also, my throat hurts (from the breathing tube), and my left arm and abdomen, for some weird reason. All in all, ow. Local anaesthesia? I miss you.

Must go curl up somewhere QUIET now. Later~

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