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Saturday, January 14, 2006

I am Beck. Watch me rant.
My doctor's bedside manner blows. Like, a lot.

So I went to my pre-op checkup for the wisdom teeth yesterday, everything goes pretty much fine. I was one of three patients in the waiting room, so we got in really fast. Then Dr. Miller's like, "Oh, since they're putting you under, we need to do a blood test to show that you're not anemic," and schedules the test for Monday. And some of you know that I'm absolutely, irrationally terrified of needles, so I started getting a little worked up (but really? Not THAT worked up at all), and he says to my dad, "Is she seeing a counselor for these problems?"

And while I'm trying my hardest not to give him the WTF look, Dad's talking like I'm like this every time something medical is mentioned, and he just doesn't know what's WRONG with me. He even tells the doctor they can't say "the b-word" in front of me. At which point I wanted to remind him that I'm taking AP Biology, where I hear worse things every day, and just asked him the other day to describe the process of stitching a wound for writing-related purposes... not to mention my favorite shows tend to be crime dramas. *grins* I have no problems at all with the word BLOOD. I just have a problem with someone shoving a needle into my vein and sucking it out. Savvy?

Mom gets there a bit later, and is slightly more understanding when it comes to the idiocy (but takes the time anyway to nag me about using the Crest Whitestrips she bought for me. Ay. @__@) The nurse was probably the nicest about it. Have decided that I love nurses.

But really, every doctor that I tell I'm afraid of needles acts like they've never seen anything like me before, or it can't be that bad because I'm not screaming or anything. When I told my oral surgeon, he responded by giving me a graphic description of the teeth-pulling process. The nurse who gave me my hep-B inoculation talked and talked about her neighbor who was just like me until my mom had to ask her to give me the shot. *laughs* So I'm used to people sort of not knowing what to do with me... but therapy? Bitch, please.

I'm getting this done on Monday, and just to show 'em, I'm not going to be bothered at all. Then again, I will also have a Xanax, but SHHHHHH. *grins*

So, what are everyone's plans for this weekend? ^_^

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