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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A walk down memory lane~
Since the end of the year is the time for nostalgia and all, I decided to take a look through my guestbook... and the result was rather fun. ^_^ So I took the guestbook entries from some of the people I've gotten to know, and decided to share. Enjoy!

Dark Phoenix:
Hi, thanks for signing my guest book! Thought I’d stop by and sign yours! Yes, I am having a great day and I hope you have one too! :P I, personally, like stalkers…:) Thanks for answering my question. It has been driving me crazy. BTW, I added you to my friends list, if you don’t min of course.

Hey- thanks for signing my book! *grins* Yea for Trigun, it is wayyy up there on my list. Hee... *snags Vash and chews on his coat* See you around! ^.^

Hi there!!! Thank you for visiting my site. And thank you for putting me on your friends list. You will promptly be added to mine!!!

You won't have a low visit count for long if Nikki has you listed as a buddy... She's a sweetie.

You certainly chose your connections well, m'girl. With Nikk' and Moll', you're gonna be an anime superstar in no time!

Thanks for coming to my site! Yay! I have two friends now! Anywho...see you around I 'spose...I suck with these guestbook thingys.

Swung by this place and was struck by the gorgeous design O.o

Gotta love your attitude as well ^_^

Take care and have fun with this box of matches
*hands over the box*

- Mimmi

Hiya ^__^ I talked to ya today[or yesterday o_O] with Shanny, and so I decided to check out your site cause I'm a good lil Evil ^_~ I must say, I lurvs it ^^ Very cool. I'll add you as a friend now, talk to ya later!

Hey yo! The name's Marco.... Flint Marco. I'll take my ovaltine shaken, not stirred. (Okay, I'm gonna stop making Bond referances now.) Just thought I'd stop by and say Hi, so HI!

Heero Yuy:
Hi, just checking your site out...

I am extremely impressed with the way you've set up your myOtaku...you've really gone beyond what most people do with this little site, heh. Great site ^_^

Heh, that was fun... I'll make a proper New Year's post later this week, but 'til then, hope everyone's enjoying break!

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