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Friday, December 23, 2005

My shoutbox is so WEIRD. o_O It won't let me post in it... ah well.

So, now time to actually post! I haven't been doing much in the past few months... well, I've been doing a lot, but not much of interest? Mostly just trying to get through senior year alive. (My teachers? CRAZY.) As a few of you know, I'm a creative writing major at an arts' high school, and due to our new, senile department head, the senior writers are pretty much running the department. Me especially. x__x

I've been doing TONS of writing lately. Some poetry here and there, a little cowriting (which I love), and the biggest project: a suspense novel that I've been working on since September. I've written about twelve chapters out of a planned twenty-three or twenty-four, and I'm having an AWESOME time with it. I do wish I could draw my characters though. *pouts* I'm also getting a lot of my writing ready for a big portfolio contest in January, which has a huge money prize. And I really need that prize, because...

I got into Brandeis University, my first choice college on Monday with a $15,000 scholarship, and about $5,000 in loans. ^__^ This leaves about $10,000 to pay, plus I'm gonna be broke for the next decade or so. But God, it's so worth it. I'm incredibly excited.

Mew, having sent off all my cards, now I have to write fanfic gifts for several people, and wrap my parents' gifts. And maybe knock off a little of the break homework. >_< Hope everyone is having a kickass holiday!

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