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Thursday, April 14, 2005

   A few quick things while I procrastinate.
- In case any of you HAVEN'T heard, the PPTs (and Aurus) have started a THAT site. That way, we can keep track of everyone, and actually... you know, do things. ^_^ So do head on over there (myO username is simply: that), and, those of you who are artistically talented (which is many, I know!) enter the avi contest!

- Don't you guys just LOVE what Shanny did with my site? *grins* Well, so do I. Although I know she still wants to do something with my shoutbox color... and I don't trust myself to do it! *laughs* But thank you again, Shanny, it's positively mahvelous!

- You all better be reading SomeGuy's latest installment of Cream and Nougat! SG, lovin' the story so far, dear.

- I'm thinking of posting some of my poetry here, since I've been uber-creative lately... but I'm self-conscious and cowardly. *sheepish* Besides, don't know if any of you are huge poetry people.

- I'm going to an anime convention this weekend! YATTA!

Love you all~

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