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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

   All is right in the world of Beck
I don't just bounce back. I bounce to a whole new level of happiness. WHEEEEE!

Congratulations! You're Merry!

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ROTK tommorow! I'm SO excited! *Spins around*

I got two more Christmas presents today from my friends, both mangas (Demon Diary 4 and Wish 1) so I have a lot of superfun reading material tonight! And I'm getting an A- in Chemisty and an A in Algebra! And they're my two hardest classes! YIPPEE!

All in all, I had an excellent day, comrades. Oh, and one more thing. The kids in my Creative Writing class are awful editors, so I didn't get too much good criticism on this story I wrote the other day. If I posted it up here, would anyone edit it? But I'm really shy about my work, so I might change my mind.

Hope everyone had as great a day as I had!

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