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Monday, February 4, 2008

A few things.
Technology continues to thwart me. A lot. There's something wrong with the Wireless login in my room... every time I enter my username and password, it just takes me back to the same screen. I've been using the Guest login since Friday, but that has its drawbacks. Namely, that for some reason, my AIM hasn't been working, so I have to log into AIM Express. Which is fine, except for the occasional hiccups.

I could go to my desk and plug into the wired network, obviously, but the bed is comfier, so hey. XD

On the external hard drive front, I'm still working on the file recovery. SimpleTech is being as unhelpful as possible. OTL

But enough of that. I HAVE A NEW SHOW, GUYS. ♥ Courtesy of my friend Chira, who is an evil temptress, I'm in the process of watching Ergo Proxy on Veoh. It's a dark, dystopian, slightly pretentious sci-fi show, but it's actually REALLY GOOD. (And from the Bebop-Champloo creative team, I can't really imagine that it wouldn't be.)

I'm actually a bit surprised that I'm enjoying it so much, seeing as I tend to avoid things that are dark, depressing, and more than a little confusing. But I usually don't like that sort of thing because those shows usually lack characters that I can like. The characters tend to be... well... sulky, selfish, and kind of detestable. But Ergo Proxy has genuinely likable characters (love Re-l and Pino, and Vincent, CAN I HUG YOU PLZ), and even the characters you don't like are really interesting.

And I actually want to write fic for it! Which is rare enough on its own.

Anyways, I can't promise the show will be your thing. But I still recommend taking a look! It's all up on Veoh.

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