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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

   Don't these things usually happen in romantic comedies?
Okay, so. Long story short.

I'm sort of having a crap couple of weeks, so when my Poetry class was canceled today, I said, "Fuck this, I'm going to the movie theatre." (Solo trips to the movie theatre have been sort of my thing to do to cheer myself up since I moved to Florida.) So I got a nice faux-Japanese lunch at Asian Grill, and walked to the movie theatre...

... to find that the times I found online were the weekend times, and my movie wasn't actually for three hours.

Fumed for a few minutes, and then decided to try to kill a few hours in Waltham. As I was wandering around, I found a little independent bookstore, Back Pages Books, and decided to go in. I thought they might have some blank notebooks, so I could settle in and write for a while, maybe.

No blank notebooks there, but as I was looking at the shelves, the two guys working there came over and asked if they could help me with anything.

We ended up talking about poetry for about an hour. And not just the "I talk while they nod and pretend to be interested" thing. We talked about James Wright, James Merill, Li Young Li, the creative writing program at Brandeis - they're both graduates - a lot of things. It was a really rare, great conversation, and I ended up buying Persepolis, which is a graphic novel memoir of a girl growing up in Iran in the 80's. Before I headed out, one of them lent me a copy of a Li Young Li book and said I could bring it back when I finished.

I read my books until it was time for the movie, and then headed to the theatre. And when I get there, this happens:

Girl at the box office: Are you a friend of Ben's?
Me: ... *long pause before remembering that one of the boys was named Ben* Ben from Back Pages Books?
Girl: Yeah. He called ahead, you're all set.
Me: .............. *WHAT*

So yes. I got myself a free movie, and some new friends when I go back, I guess!

And I heard back from SimpleTech about my hard drive. Not good news: it's defective, and I need to send it in to be replaced. But apparently they can do file recovery at Best Buy.

Thank you, karma. ♥

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