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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A very brief note on the SoCal fires.
All of my people are accounted for. I have an aunt and uncle who live near San Diego, and a couple cousins who have families between SD and LA, and they're all fine. Most of them have already evacuated; there have been several fires in my aunt and uncle's town, so here's hoping that their beautiful house (and vineyard!) are okay. It's wonderful to know that they're safe and out , though. And as I'm typing this, I just got another e-mail from a different aunt asking if I'd heard anything further, which I have not.

My darling Elaine has also evacuated already, and I wish her luck, too. ♥ Stay safe, love.

If anyone else on my f-list lives in the SoCal area, I'll be thinking of you and hoping the Santa Ana winds give you a break, and hopefully some rain will fall. With the Georgia/Florida wildfires at the beginning of last summer, I know how much this sucks. ♥ Take care of yourselves!

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