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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

   Nihongo no koto, and music meme!
So yesterday, my new peer tutor, Masako-san, told me that I was very good at Japanese and she was impressed with me. :D

Unfortunately, I can never display these Japanese skills in front of a teacher. Especially when he is a Jedi Master and ninja.

Fraleigh-sensei is my Japanese Lit teacher... young American guy, very polite and mild-mannered, and also fluent in Japanese and Chinese, has degrees from Harvard and Stanford, and we often joke that behind the innocent facade, he could kill us with his brain. While my class with him is in English, he knows that I'm in the third level Japanese class.

I ran into him in Lower Usdan yesterday evening:
(Italics are in Japanese.)

Sensei: Ah, Becky-san, good evening.
Me: *TRYING TO SWITCH INTO NIHONGO MODE* Good evening, sensei! :D
Sensei: Getting dinner?
Me: Yes!
Sensei: Are you coming to the movie tonight? (A film viewing for the class.)
Me: Yes!
Sensei: Well, I'll see you then!
Me: *unable to say anything but 'Hai,' apparently*

So at length, I decided to try Upper Usdan instead. As I was going up there, I saw one of my Japanese Lit classmates, and kind of waved. Then I realized he was talking to someone behind me, and suddenly, Fraleigh's voice eminates from somewhere over my shoulder. XD

And I kind of squeaked and swiveled around. And went "I-I didn't know you were there" with great embarrassment while he looked very amused by me.

What did I tell you? JEDI MASTER AND NINJA. He's so going to take over the world someday. And everyone in the Japanese program would probably be okay with that, too.

In closing, I'd like to do something I did on my LJ and SheezyArt!

Since I am in need of good music (and who isn't), I propose a fun activity that will make everyone happy!

Upload something you've had on repeat lately, and I will do the same for you. :D

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