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Friday, September 14, 2007

Who can say if I've been changed for the better...
I saw Wicked last night at the Boston Opera House... which was seriously a dream come true for me. I've read the book, I listen to the music all the time, and I've always wanted to see it. Well, last night, I was sitting one row away from the stage, and it. Was. Awesome. Everyone was fantastic, but I was particularly impressed by the Glinda. She was so adorable, and totally broke my heart at the end. ♥ And she performed "Popular" to perfection.

It was hard not to compare the Elphaba to the incomparable Idina Menzel, but she did wonderfully, too. She had a great voice, great comic timing, and did an absolutely PERFECT Wicked Witch cackle. Also, Fiyero was hot. Really hot. And his pants were very tight. :D

As for the musical numbers, I loved seeing all those songs I always listen to on the stage. My favorite one to listen to was also my favorite on stage. I'm a "Defying Gravity" whore, yeah. BUT IT WAS SO COOL. I got chills from watching it, especially the end. What a great first act closer. "For Good," another favorite of mine, was a very close second in the chills department. I probably would put it on par with "Defying Gravity" if I wasn't DESPERATELY TRYING TO STOP CRYING. XD

There was a standing ovation at the end. Which I started. *is awesome*

... and maybe it was because the play was a dream come true that the events afterwards happened. XD

So I got out at 10:20, and rushed to the subway station to ride for a few stops to North Station, where there'd be a 10:40 train back to campus. Plenty of time, right?

Well. First I went into the wrong entrance. Then when I found the right one, my CharlieCard, which I just have to swipe to get through, didn't work, and there was no attendant to help me. A train started coming, and I got frantic, and dug around for some money. Finally, I grabbed a $10 and bought a ticket, but it was already too late. So I waited for the next train, and when I got on, I realized that my phone and $40 were gone, and had probably fallen out while I was hurrying to buy a ticket.

And on top of that, I missed the train.

A nice guy let me borrow his cell to call my mom (whose phone number was the only one I knew by heart), who gave me a cab number. Which didn't work. So I got out there and flagged one down. I had him drop me at an ATM so I could pay him, since the $40 I lost was my cab money. There was a homeless guy in the ATM who started talking to me about how he'd rather sleep on the street than a shelter, so I hurried up because he had really huge creepy eyes. XD

The cab ride was about $40, and I got back to campus ready to explain everything to my roommates... who had already spoken to a nice, Indian-accented man named Gustavo - who has both my phone and my money - when they tried to call me, and were prepared to go on a search and rescue mission to Boston because I hadn't come in on the train.

So I'm meeting Gustavo at his workplace in Boston today. THE END OF THE ODYSSEY IS NIGH.

But Wicked was worth it.

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