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Monday, September 10, 2007

I know, I know, I suck at updating this. XD Sorry!

Thank you for the sweet, lovely comments on the bit of writing I posted here before. For those of you who are interested in continuing with it, I'm currently posting it on FictionPress, and I finished chapter four this weekend. You can find it here!

Anyways. School is going well. Nihongo is doing its job getting me up in the morning, though coherency is optional.

Proof that one can get to third-level Japanese without really absorbing anything:
Matt: ああ、コチンさん、おはよう。(Oh, Kotin-san, good morning!)
The rest of us: おはよう. (Good morning!)
Kotin-san: おいしい。(Delicious.)
Me: え?何がおいしいの? (Ehh? What's delicious?)
Kotin-san: ... *smile*

Yeah, I don't know either.

And, as always, proof that Matt is a loser. I mean that lovingly of course.

Matt: *sits where Lok, our classmate who's now in the other Japanese class, used to sit*
Melissa and me: ああ、リーさん! (Oh, Li-san!)
Matt: はいはいはい!あたしKAT-TUNが大好き大好きなの~! (*in an ultra-feminine way of speaking* Yes yes yes! I love KAT-TUN!)

... he sounded just like her. XD

Between that and our ever-eloquent discussions (trying to convince the guys to use "ore" outside of class XD), we are easily the intellectual giants of the Japanese language program.

Anyways! Yesterday was the performance of the 24-hour musical, where people get cast, rehearse, do costumes and tech, and put on the show in the same 24 hours. It's very hardcore. They did The Producers, and did it surprisingly well! Although Roger Debris missed a few easy lines in Keep it Gay. ("They win the war," Roger. "They win the war.") The casting was so great, though. The girl who played Ulla was especially good; when she forgot her line at one point, she said, without dropping the accent, "Oh, I forgot the vord!"

By the way, the Brandeis student body is more than half Jewish, which made Springtime for Hitler ten times better. And there were pink sparkly swastikas. That twirled. <3

Aaand I need to finish my reading for Japanese Lit! But before I run off, a quick question, por favor.

I have to write ten page-long story openings by the 20th for my Fiction class. I'm doing good for ideas right now, but in case I run short, anyone got any suggestions?

All right! Hope your Mondays are going well! I'll try to update more.

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