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Thursday, October 23, 2003

   We meet again, for the first and last time...
Today was normal enough. In TV/Film we had a sub, and instead of watching Robin Hood (the one with Errol Flynn) like we were supposed to, he said the teacher's instructions weren't clear enough, so he made us watch a documentary on Technicolor. *Shrug*

I drove for the first time today! If you could call it driving. My mom just wanted me to go forward in the driveway. So first I accidentally slammed on the gas (luckily the car was in park), but then I figured out which one was the brake. I put it in gear, then my mom told me to lift my foot off the brake. I did a little, and nothing happened. My mom told me to do it more, so I lifted a bit more of my foot off. Finally, after doing that for a bit, I started to go forward, panicked, and took my foot completely off the brake.

I started screaming, "How do I stop? How do I stop?" and my mom yelled at me to put my foot back on the brake, and I slammed on it. Hope I didn't damage anything. Afterwards, I drove the rest of the way fine.

Isn't it amazing how grocery stores look like toy stores when you're hungry? I got this macaroni with Mexican spices I never would have gotten otherwise, and really liked it! I should try more Mexican food.

I'm a little nervous about this situation with my friends, though. There's been tension kind of building up lately, and I think that things gonna 'splode. Ohwell, if they do, I'll play peacemaker as always. Ahhhhhh, pacifism is a beautiful thing.

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