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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I did this for my LJ, so of course I'll share with y'all, too!

So, I haven't done anything nice for you guys lately. And I have manga on my hard drive. So why not share? >D

My preferences tend to lean towards hard copies, because I'm book-obsessed like that, but I still have a pretty good amount lying around on here, mostly comprised of things that haven't been released here, and long Shounen Jump series that no one could possibly buy all of. If I had a means of sharing my lovely hard copies with you, I would, but as is, request anything on this list, and I will upload it for you. And if you'd like info about a series, just ask!


07-Ghost, chapters 1-6
Amatsuki, chapters 1-14
Ayatsuri Sakon, chapters 1-19
Black Cat, volumes 1-20 (COMPLETE)
Clover, volumes 1-4 (COMPLETE)
Count Cain, volumes 1-5
D.Gray-Man, chapters 1-95 (I think. My DGM folder is hopelessly unorganized.)
Dogs, volume 1
Eyeshield 21, chapters 1-203 (Or something like that.)
Fullmetal Alchemist, chapters 1-67
Ghost Hunt, volumes 3-6
Hellsing (Walter backstory), chapters 1 and 2
Houshin Engi, volumes 1 and 2
Junjyou Romantica, volumes 1-3
Kyou Kara Maou, chapters 1 and 2
Loveless, volumes 3-6
Lovely Complex, chapters 1-21
Matantei Loki Ragnarok, chapters 1-9
Mushishi, chapters 6, 7, and the first two chapters of volume 7 XD And volume 8 raw.
Nabari no Ou, chapters 1-3
Our Kingdom, volume 1
Ouran Host Club, chapters 1-12
Phoenix Wright, chapters 1 and 2
Rin, volumes 1-3 (would be COMPLETE but I'm missing a chapter or two in the middle)
Rurouni Kenshin, chapters 159-239 (FYI: picks up where Kyoto Arc left off)
Saiyuki Reload, volumes 1-5
Shinshi Doumei Cross, volumes 1-3
Shounen Onmyouji, volume 1 (COMPLETE, and all in Chinese, sorry. XD)
Switch, chapters 1-6
Tactics, chapters 7, 11, 13-15
Time Lag, chapters 1-4 (COMPLETE)
xxxHOLIC, chapters 85-98

Request away! Don't be shy! :D

... and in looking all of this over, I have discovered that all my Bleach scanlations have vanished. XD Oh dear.

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