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Saturday, October 18, 2003

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Chapter 4 of my fic is up! Yaaaaaaaaay! Reviews make me happy, so read if you like! Dark Phoenix and Molletta can't review though, since they are judges and it would be unfair. *Sigh*


OK, so today wasn't too bad. I went to this plantation and nature preserve, and it was absolutely gorgeous, plus there was a really nice sea breeze. For the first time since I got into the Creative Writing Department, I acually wanted to write, hehe.

Two problems, though. 1: It was really crowded and there were loud people there. 2: My parents are such tourists. My mother had to point out every little thing in eyesight, and my father had to stop at every one of those information signs and read them aloud several times. So it was really too loud to be able to enjoy it. Nyah.

The rest of the day I spent working dilligently on homework! Whee! Chemistry Lab on Monday, and we're working with explosive chemicals! *Happy dance*

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Talk to everyone later!

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