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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm back, sorry!
I've been a lazy little bi-hotch... and then I realized, what better day to give love than today? Here's the love meme, finally!

Shin, I love how intelligent you are. A post of yours is always going to be awesome to read, because you're one of the smartest, wittiest people I know. I'd hate to be in an argument with you, because you'd verbally own everyone.

Shadow, you're one of the kindest, most caring people I think I've ever met. Being friends with you makes me feel so warm and loved that I almost want to cry from being so happy. You're a bright light in this world of cynics, lovely. Never change.

Millennium Chaos, you're such a sweet, friendly person. Even when I suck and never comment, you always come over here and say hello, and you always make me smile with your comments and posts. I want to know you better... so why wait? :D

Shanny, you were my first friend here on the internet, and in the three (almost four!) years that I've known you, your incredible strength blows me away. I know it's a bit cliche, but you remind me of a tree. A tree in the deep South, of course... Shan-chan never loses her leaves! You sometimes wonder if people have forgotten you. No matter how little we talk, Yami, I will never in this lifetime forget you.

James, even though you're so far away, I feel safe and protected when I talk to you. You're always looking out for me and the others, and even when you're being a bastard (most of the time XD), we never have to second-guess ourselves when it comes to you. Your Christmas card kept me smiling all day; those little metal weapons just made me realize again how distance doesn't matter. You're my hero, sir.

Taki, I don't know you that well, but you're a cutie, and once again, you're so sweet to come over here when I'm so bad about commenting. Please let me rectify that!

Vicky, I loves you so much, girl. You're smart, enthusiastic, and frickin' gorgeous... so really, who wouldn't? Meeting you and getting to know you was definitely one of the better parts of 2006, and I know that we're going to be close for a long time. Talking to you, fangirling with you, I just love it. So naturally, I need to do it more!

Alexa, you're just fantastic. I don't even remember how long it's been, but you've really come into your own the whole time I've known you; you totally blew me away with your satire, and then hit me again when I saw how well you held your ground against all the idiots who didn't get it. I always forget that you're younger than me. You act more mature than most of my age group, that's for sure!

Mimmi, I know you didn't request this, but I love you, plain and simple. You're another person who just makes me feel warm and loved. Your energy is amazing, as is your talent; I want to see more of your writing, girl! I worry about you a lot, but I know that no matter what, you'll be fine. You're such a tough girl... I don't know if you realize that, but you are.

Molly, you didn't ask either, but you were nice to me from the moment I got a site here, and you really brought me into the community. I have you to thank for many of my first friends here on myO. We don't talk as much as we used to, but you're still my big sister, and you're extremely precious to me.

Duo, you're probably not reading this (XD), so I'll tell you in person later.

Red, I don't know if you'd appreciate the sap, but if so, say the word? XD I adore you all the same.

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