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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 12/01/05:

thankyou for your patronage! comments? questions?
boreD? my email is ladyarakune@yahoo.com. rate
this quiz a five. RESPONSIBLE ANGEL! youre angel does eveything they can to watch over
you. they are responsible and care about your
well being. mabe yure just unlucky...

what sort of angel is watching over you? are they slacking off??(pics)
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Result Posted on 11/18/05:

ii gad
You feel free. Life gave us choises, I choose to be
happy. Your soul is overflowing with feelings
of contentness. You are as grateful as you are
expressive. Thinking nothing of selfishness you
prove everyday that there is something to live
for. A true grace surrounds you like your
peaceful aura, yet it causes others around you
to feel immediantly comfortable. With this aura
you are able to cheer up people who you see are
down. If something were to happen to you, you
would definately have many people there to
mourn for you. But your aura would calm them
saying 'we will be together soon'. Element: Wind Color: Pink Quote: With everyday there comes another reason to
go on; to live for life itself. Expression: A beautiful and calm smile. Symbol: A feather in the wind/petals/story book

.:Look me in the eyes... Tell me how you feel:. (anime pics) [Detailed results]
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Result Posted on 11/11/05:


You have Raven
Positive Traits: Intellectual,
Wise, Experienced, Honest,
Negative Traits: Pompous,
Condescending, Withdrawn, Pessimistic,

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. What type of eyes do you have?
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Result Posted on 11/11/05:

Take the quiz: "Are You a Ninja, Pirate, Viking, or Samurai?"

You are very honorable and fair. You respect people and nature, and you probably regret most of your sins. You're probably a pretty dangerous fighter, too.

Result Posted on 11/07/05:

~~~~-^ OPPOSITE LOVE^-~~~~
Your love is wierd. You suddenly fell inlove or
have a cruch on an enemy or someone you though
you never date. You seem shy,silent,and nicer
to that person. tip,so you like an
enemy,oppisite always attrake.

LOVE SECTION, Whats your love type? very,very good pics.UPDATED
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Result Posted on 10/30/05:

You're Kai! You're deep, calm, and mysterious. You
like to keep yourself hidden and quiet. You're
the "responsible one". You're serious
all the time and ur advice is very valuable. If
you weren't there to keep ur friends in line
who knows what bad things would happen!

What beyblader are you ?(with pics)
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Result Posted on 10/30/05:

Result Posted on 10/23/05:

Take the quiz: "Which wolf are you most like?(pictures)"

Eastern Gray Wolf
The gray wolf, including the eastern subspecies, the eastern timber wolf (Canis lupus lycaon), is a large animal. Adults weigh 50-l00 pounds (23-46 kg). Males are generally heavier than females. Coloring is usually a mixed gray or grizzly color, though a few are black or white. Gray wolves appear quite similar to large German shepherd dogs. They have a pointed muzzle, erect pointed ears, bushy tails and moderately long legs.Gray wolves usually live in family groups or packs of 2-8 individuals, though some packs contain 20 or more members. Packs are territorial, frequenting areas of 20-200 square miles.

Result Posted on 10/18/05:

Your Angel is charming. Easy to talk to and makes
you feel good about your self. Don't lett this
Angel go!WING TIPE=skinny and long
ELEMENT=kindness COLOR=green ANIMAL=dog

What kind of Angel is inside of your heart ( awesome pics)changed and a new angel!!!!!!
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Result Posted on 10/18/05:

white pichu thing
You are followed by the Demon of Kindness. True
that doesn't really sound like a demon, but
this Demon makes you care a lot about other
people and leave little time for yourself.
People love you for that, but how much do you
love yourself? If you really want this Demon to
leave, teach others how to stand on their own
two feet and maybe turn down the ones who only
use you. This is probably the best Demon to be
stuck with though.

What Demon Follows you? ..:Interesting Pics:..
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