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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today was very fast paced I went to my senior meeting today. I also have to work on finishing my friends cosplay outfits including mine. For mine all I have to do is make a gun holder for my Cerberus gun and sew a button and make a button hole for my vest. I am cosplaying as Vincent from Final Fantasy 7 and Risa from DNAngel. My AP english teacher asigned us alot of chapters to read in the book called Christy and Also assigned a project that she aassigned today due tomorrow. Christy is a good book but I don't like her ideas about God because she believes that if you ask you will receive that is true but only with things that you need the most. Mostly things to survive or "dear lord please help me on this test". It is also about giving to the lord and doing every thing to further his kingdom. I will never think that I am perfect but that is what I believe. I have my chorus concert tomorrow. This weekend is the anime convention.

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