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Sunday, January 6, 2008

I am sorry that I haven't updated in a while. I asked for more hours in my job and they took it from four hours to fourteen hours a week on the weekend. I am glad to have the money but sad that I don't have as much time. I hope every one had a good Christmas. My Christmas was pretty good I got alot of the stuff I wanted. I was very happy to get the Steve and me book. It is very good so far I am on page 69. I got to see alot of my friends and some of my family. I also had a marine ecology project. It was about developing a marina and some people were assigned to be for and against it and we had differn't people we were representing. I was chosen to represent the small business against the marina. The conclusion I made was that if the marina came then more business would come and more chains would come and it is really hard for small businesses to compete with chains. I interviewed Elendil's mom because she owns a small business and I also made a music video and a flyer that gave a list of local businesses that they could support. Yesterday was pretty bad I was working and five minutes before getting off some robbers came in and robbed the store. I was stocking crutons at the time and I heard shouting and then I was shocked to see four of my coworkers going to the back with two men wearing red bandannas over their faces. The other two were in the front.They forced us into the freezer luckly we were able to get out after they had left. Then the police came and we went threw alot of questioning.Today went very well though. First I went to church were every one that had heard the news was very glad that no one was hurt. And then after church I went to work.

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