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Monday, July 30, 2007

A month or so ago I had my birthday it was pretty fun. My friends and I ate at a japanese steak house.A week or two ago I went on my missionary trip. We went to vermont I mostly helped in the kitchen. We also had block partys that were very good. it rained every time we had a block party though. Some how I got water in my ear and now the water is clogged in my ear and I can't hear very well out of that ear. But I am very glad we went. Some of our team did vacation bible school and some did construction on the church and some visited nursing homes. I got to go to the nursing home and the vacation bible school some of the days. I was very glad that I got to go. I have mostly been doing house work and working at my work. My mom had a major urge to clean up all the house this summer. I also went to the harry potter party to get the 7th book. It was pretty fun and I got to see a old friend from when I was in middle school. Today I am going to go to the doctors to get my physical and to see about my ear. I hope every one is having a good summer.

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