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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The trip to the beach was pretty good.I got to see some of my parrents friends and we went out to eat.There was also this huge comic book store.I got some spiderman comics and one ghost rider and the comic where captain America dies.I also got the comic were aunt may got shot by a sniper and the doctor was saying that she wasn't going to live and peter parker wanted to seek revenge on the person who killed her and he put the silver and black spiderman suit back on.They say that this july they are sending the Hulk up to outer space because they said that the hulk only had one more year to live.The ocean was very beatiful and I enjoyed walking on the beach.My easter was good I got five boxes of pocky and the easter sermin was good.I went to my friends grandparrents house for easter luch it was very fun.On tuesday I got to see mystic india it was very good.It was about the youngest yogi and how we should all live in peace.This weekend I am going to be visiting a college.

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