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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Last saterday I went to see ghost rider with one of my friends.It wasn't to bad but it could have been better.But it was good.This week was pretty good.I made a good grade on my spanish and us history test.On friday I saw my school musical it was very good.It was the wizard of oz my favorite part of the play was when the tin man was talking about how he became made of tin.He had fallen in love with a munscen maiden but her mother didn't want her to marry so her mother told him that the only way she would let her marry her daughter was if he went to work chopping wood.The first time he chopped his arm off and he got it replaced with a tin one and then he chopped the other arm off and then he got the other arm replaced and then he chopped his legs of and then got them replaced and then her chopped himself straight down the middle.I also liked the part with the scare crow and the crows.Tomarrow I am going to see bridge to terribithia with one of my other friends.On monday I am going to a chorus compatition at a college.I chamged my theme I hope you like it.I hope every one will have a good week.

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