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Monday, February 19, 2007

Last week was pretty good epect my father had a sezure on monday.Thank full he wasn't hurt but he did have to go to the hospital.Other than that it was good. I studied alot every day last week.Valenines day was ok I got four manga for valentines day.I got samurai deeper kyo volume 5, rebirth volume 19, Black Cat volume 1 (I have seen episode 1-6 of the anime) and disgaea the manga (I like the art and I have seen every episode of the anime.Sadly I have not played the game but I do have the game disgaea 2.).On saterday was dinner and a show I think it went pretty well.Alot of people told me I did very well on my solo.I am watching the anime kyou kara maou.I am on episode 39.I will continue to study because that is what is required of chemisty and spanish but my grade are very good right now.I hope every ones doing well. I hopefully will visit you soon.

here is the first episode of kyou kara maou if you want to see it.

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