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Thursday, February 1, 2007

I hope every thing is going well for you.I have started my new semester a week ago.My new classes are us history,spanish (I don't especially like that language though.),chemistry and chorus.Last monday I got to see Night at the museum with a friend.It was very good.On friday I got to see the epic movie with a group of friends.Sadly the movie wasn't very good there was parts that were funny but most of the time it was stupid and perverted.If I had known it was going to be like that I wouldn't have gone to see it.But I give Night at the museum four and a half stars.If you want to see it I say go for it.I wish they would have gone more into the history but with a movie you just can't do that so it is good and the plot and story was very good.I auditions for my choruses valentines day show.I got in and I am going to be singing the song called much more.Today it snowed so I don't have to go to school today.Yatta!

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