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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

On thursaday I had a math test and a english test and on friday my chorus sang at our towns tree lighting cerimony.Then on saterday I had a friend over and her father fixed my father's speakers.Then I went to work.Then on sunday I worked on a paper for english we were mostly getting the research for the paper.It has to be six pages long.So I am still working on it.I am almost done with the outline.The outline for the paper is due tomarrow.I am auditioning for the school play today.I have to sing a song that is sixteen messures long and read two monologues.I have been practicing hopefully I will do well.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

I hope every one had a good thanks giving.I went to my uncles house I got to see some of my family there it was pretty good.The computer ran slow though.I got acouple manga.I am also almost done with my christmas shopping.Yesterday I went to church then I went to a potery show and I got to see some of my parrents old friends.They gave me some advice about cactus and what I should do with them during winter.Today I am going to my japanese class.I will put a christmas theme up hopefully tomarrow.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

My week end was pretty good.I found a lost siamese kitten that was very cute.It was very vocal it even meowed while she was eating.Sadly I couldn't keep her because I already have two cats and a dog.So I gave her to Elendil and he seams to really like her and his parrents like her to.I was going to name her hanna but it is theirs to name.I also got to visit a college and the science building is all green.It is run by solar power and all the building was made out of recycled matterials.I hope I will be able to get to go there but I want to look at a couple more colleges before I start applying to go there.I also got some anime dvds inuyasha the fourth movie just because I wanted to see it.It was a ok movie it wasn't spectacular but it wasn't harriable.I also got shakugan no shana dvd volume 1 even though I have seen the whole series I wanted to show it to the anime club.I also got this ugly yet beautiful world dvd volume 1 and 2.It is a pretty good anime but it is one of the lesser anime that your just waiting for the ending to see how it all turns out.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

I am sorry that I haven't updating in a while.My father got dissability so that is good.I am still tring to decide what mt new theme should be.

Here are the choices that you can vote for.

shakugan no shana

ritsu from fruits basket

kyuubi naruto

fall theme

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Yesterday was pretty good I mostly spent most of my time on school work even though it was a teacher work day.Tonight I will be trying out for my green belt in tae kwan doe.On friday I was going to help my key club decorate the park but it got canceled so my mom and dad and I went to the mall and I looked for shoes for my cosplay outfitt.My dress looks very good I still need to make the wig and the doll and the bats.I also went to the discovery store I asked them if they had any crocadile hunter things left.Sadly they didn't but I think he was a good conservationist and want to contribute some of my money to him and hope that his wife will still buy some more land to help perserve the animals habitat.My halloween party went well I had about twelve people come I had invited sixteen people but I had expected twelve people to come so I was very glad.We played ddr mostly ddr supernova.We also had a bonfire.I think that every one had fun three of my friends dressed up as characters from fullmetal alchemist.One dressed up as al,one dressed up as ed and one dressed up as old ed.I will post some pictures of my halloween party once I get them developed.On sunday I had to work most of the day after I got back from church.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

I think I did pretty well on the PSAT.This week I am going to the corn maze with some of my friends on wendsday then on friday I am going to be doing the goblins in the park with my Key club.We get to decorate a near by park and then little kids go down the trail and we scare them but not to bad.Then on saterday I am having my halloween party.I also got the pictures from my international fair developed so I will post them some time during this week.

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I hope every one has a good and safe halloween.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

This week end was pretty good.I had fun at the fair and on saterday my school had a international fair and I got to wear a kimono that my mom's school japanese teacher let me borrow.I will show you some pictures of it soon.Sunday I went to church then went to work then studied for my PSAT.I will be taking it on wednsday.I also have a math midterm on tuesday.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Yesterday was pretty good.I had my chorus concert.One of my friends is in chorus but he the beggining chorus and I am in the middle chorus.But he sings very well.I wouldn't be surprised if next year he would be in demisters and hopefully I will be to.I also got to see one of my friends that graduated.Because her sister is still in chorus.Today I have a math quiz and a vocab quiz.After school I am going to the state fair.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yesterday was a pretty good.I got to sit with two of my friends at lunch.One of my friends had a wooden doll with ed's face drawn on it and we where putting him in funny poses.After school I had to go to chorus rehursals at the church we are singing at.Then spike2 and I went to our friendship group. I am very glad he decided to join. We were doing ddr it was very fun.Has the ddr game where you down load your own songs come out yet? I got all my projects finnished except the history of itialy one.Today I am going to anime club.

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Friday, October 6, 2006

Today I have a vocab quiz and a math quiz.After school my chorus teacher wants us to sing on more time so she can make a decision.Then I have to go to work.

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