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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I hope every one has been doing well.I took some pictures of my mom's iris in her garden.Hopefully I will show the pictures to you soon.I found a bird in my yard that had a broken wing.It is a eastern kingbird.I will ask my old science teacher if he can help rehabilitat the bird.I have mostly been preparing for the SAT.I will be taking it on saterday.

here is a picture of the type of bird it is.
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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The college was very good.They were very friendly and the students were very open and whiling to talk to you.The campus was very pretty they even had a lake with a swan.I also got to climb a mountain near the college and the veiw was cool.On thursday I got to go with my friend to this anime thing at the library.It was good we got to meet some other anime fans and We watched this anime movie called voice from a distant star.It was very sad but it was pretty good.Yesterday I worked will shadow flame on the skit.Today I got to go with two of my friends to the egyptian exhibit. It was good it had alot of artifacts from the british museum.Then we went to go get icecream.I changed my theme I hope you like it.I like that anime but some parts of it annoys me but all in all it is pretty good.
After that my mom and I went to walmart to get a needle so I can string boogie's hair on.Boogie is the doll that I am making for the cosplay.It is coming along very well.I am also cosplaying as momo hinamori.For friday at the anime convention.And I am cosplaying as Anju on saterday of the anime convention.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The trip to the beach was pretty good.I got to see some of my parrents friends and we went out to eat.There was also this huge comic book store.I got some spiderman comics and one ghost rider and the comic where captain America dies.I also got the comic were aunt may got shot by a sniper and the doctor was saying that she wasn't going to live and peter parker wanted to seek revenge on the person who killed her and he put the silver and black spiderman suit back on.They say that this july they are sending the Hulk up to outer space because they said that the hulk only had one more year to live.The ocean was very beatiful and I enjoyed walking on the beach.My easter was good I got five boxes of pocky and the easter sermin was good.I went to my friends grandparrents house for easter luch it was very fun.On tuesday I got to see mystic india it was very good.It was about the youngest yogi and how we should all live in peace.This weekend I am going to be visiting a college.

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Monday, April 2, 2007

Last week I had exams sadly I was sick during them but I managed to get them all done.Last saterday I got some ghost rider comic books writen by stan lee (The creator of spiderman.)in 1990 and 1991.Shadow flame and I are also writting a skit for the anime convention.Our group name is Night flame of Elendil because elendil is also doing the skit.I am on spring break right now.I will be at the beach from today till thursday.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My weekend was pretty good.After work I went with my mom to get the material for my doll and bats that I am making for my cosplay outfitt.On sunday I went to a park.Today I had a Us history test and tonight,tomarrow and thursday I am having SAT prep.The SAT prep starts at 6:30 and then lasts till 9:00.

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Last saterday I went to see ghost rider with one of my friends.It wasn't to bad but it could have been better.But it was good.This week was pretty good.I made a good grade on my spanish and us history test.On friday I saw my school musical it was very good.It was the wizard of oz my favorite part of the play was when the tin man was talking about how he became made of tin.He had fallen in love with a munscen maiden but her mother didn't want her to marry so her mother told him that the only way she would let her marry her daughter was if he went to work chopping wood.The first time he chopped his arm off and he got it replaced with a tin one and then he chopped the other arm off and then he got the other arm replaced and then he chopped his legs of and then got them replaced and then her chopped himself straight down the middle.I also liked the part with the scare crow and the crows.Tomarrow I am going to see bridge to terribithia with one of my other friends.On monday I am going to a chorus compatition at a college.I chamged my theme I hope you like it.I hope every one will have a good week.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Last week was pretty good epect my father had a sezure on monday.Thank full he wasn't hurt but he did have to go to the hospital.Other than that it was good. I studied alot every day last week.Valenines day was ok I got four manga for valentines day.I got samurai deeper kyo volume 5, rebirth volume 19, Black Cat volume 1 (I have seen episode 1-6 of the anime) and disgaea the manga (I like the art and I have seen every episode of the anime.Sadly I have not played the game but I do have the game disgaea 2.).On saterday was dinner and a show I think it went pretty well.Alot of people told me I did very well on my solo.I am watching the anime kyou kara maou.I am on episode 39.I will continue to study because that is what is required of chemisty and spanish but my grade are very good right now.I hope every ones doing well. I hopefully will visit you soon.

here is the first episode of kyou kara maou if you want to see it.

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Thursday, February 1, 2007

I hope every thing is going well for you.I have started my new semester a week ago.My new classes are us history,spanish (I don't especially like that language though.),chemistry and chorus.Last monday I got to see Night at the museum with a friend.It was very good.On friday I got to see the epic movie with a group of friends.Sadly the movie wasn't very good there was parts that were funny but most of the time it was stupid and perverted.If I had known it was going to be like that I wouldn't have gone to see it.But I give Night at the museum four and a half stars.If you want to see it I say go for it.I wish they would have gone more into the history but with a movie you just can't do that so it is good and the plot and story was very good.I auditions for my choruses valentines day show.I got in and I am going to be singing the song called much more.Today it snowed so I don't have to go to school today.Yatta!

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

I hope you are all doing well.Last saterday I got to see a musical with shadow flame.I had a english project on Asain Americans it went very well.I had to work on saterday I also was studying for my exams.Today I got to see the monet exhibiat at my museum.It was very good I especially liked one of the paintings from his earlier works. All this week we have final exam.One for each day.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I hope every one had a good christmas.My christmas was pretty good.I visited my grandmothers and then we went to my cousin's house Then we went to my uncles' house.We got to walk in the wood and we got to see a pretected wetland.I also got to see my cousin that lives in califonia and her baby.It was a joy to see how much the baby had developed.My new year was pretty good I had to work on that day but it wasn't to bad.Today I am having my presentation for my project in English.

Thank you for the christmas cards I really apreciate it.

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I am very sorry I haven't been updating or visiting very much.I have just been very busy with school work.Hopefully I will be able to visit all of you soon.

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