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Thursday, December 21, 2006

It finally started to snow today, but it only snowed for about 10 minutes. So we got barely no snow but hopefully before Christmas we will get alot. Last Christmas it snow so much the snow was up to my ankles and higher, don't ask me how but I though my dog how to play king of the hill. Ever since my brother got married and moved out I've been lonely but that's okay. Cause there's always my dog to play with, so yeah alot has changed I'm not on myotaku as much any more but more on myspace and buzznet. So that's very cool, uh........what else is there to tell u guys?? I've grown up more and not a gulable (random person: look there's a ranbow) (me: WHERE?!?!?!) (person: AHAHAHAHAH PSYCH!) (me: U suck *kicks person in the face and runs away) yeah and that's how it works. My mom signed me up for Karate and I went for a month and got my white belt with 1 black stripe and then my mom messed everthing up. And signed me out and put my to play tennis in school on the Junior Varsity team. And every one of that team hates me for some odd reason as nice as I try to be but it never works. Oh yeah cause there all prepy and they think I'm some nasty goth girl (even though I'm not) and my friends are. But I've tried to go gothic and it just didn't work so now I'm more in between tom-boy/girly/punk and I honestly don't know what I am. But yes...And I'm really oppsesed with Guns "n" Roses right now thanx to my friend from school. I tried to listen to ACDC but they suck and just aren't for me, even though I like certain Nirvana songs. Yeah I feel a lil left out here cause all my friends have somebody to hang out with except me. And most of the time I'm siting at home bored out of my mind, and on myspace cause there's nothing else to do and my friends call me for no reason. I sit there and try to talk to them but there to bust talking to eachother and don't here me so I sit there and listen to them laugh and have fun and it makes me super sad. And I hang up and go in my room and cry, and my parents don't care and tell me to go do my homework and I do but instead just stare at the piece of paper in front of me and cry and listen to my metal music. So yeah my life is a lil complecated here and there but it's definitely better then 7th grade when I was like what 12 year old?? and my b-day is soon it's now December and soon will be february and I'll be 15!! WHOO!!
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