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Saturday, October 21, 2006

k so today my mom took my friend and I to the mall and we went to see the movie The Guardian. IT WAS THE COOLEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN! IT WAS SWEET! but very sad 0.0 I wana be in the Navy and that's exactly what the border patrol is they are the Navy, so now I'M scared but psyched at the same time (sarcastically: oh goodie I get to get drownded but my instructor)but yeah it's a really good movie I cried 10 minutes into the end of the movie or maybe like 20 minutes in the end of the movie anyway I dunno but somewhere around there. And my brother and sister-in-law are moving out so I'M gonna miss them being the only child in the house it gonna be difficult and lonely. (even though there not kids any more and it's probobly a lil mean of me to refere to them as kids) but any way so I get my brother room cause it's more warmer in there and it's bigger. And my room is gonna get turned into a library/study, so my friends have been inviting me places all weekend to go places with them but I couldn't cause I was stuck at home packing up my things and cleaning my room and bringing my things into the other room. >_<" what a way to spend your weekend huh?. And yu guys will be happy with me I actually try and watch anime and like Naruto and stuff and I got 2 anime books as a gift from my anime upsessed friends k so I'M probobly gonna go to bed now or atleast try even though I'M not even tired cause I had coffee today. O_O I"m babling someone smack me XD
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