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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

   something different.....
K so I got a MySpace and I got a screen name and it's VAMPIRE GIRL so you guys can get a hold of me there and also here at myotaku, k just wanted to let you all know k c ya.
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   something different.......
K so I finaly got a MySpace and got a screen name it's VAMPIRE GIRL and you guys can also contact me there as well as Myotaku so just wanted to let you know k bye.
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Sunday, October 1, 2006

K so I went to the dance it was awsome, first my friend courtmey and I met up at our friends Abby's house and then we went to Applebee's and we met up with 5 other people and then we had dinner and we fooled around and told the waiter that it was courtney's b-day so he fell for it and he brought he dessert so she was happy. Than we went to the dance and we saw a lot of people who we knew and saw our other friends there and we danced and walked around and talked to people. There was a DJ there and flashy lights and the music we so loud I thought I was gonna go deaf and there were guys trying to hit on us and they started to dance with eachother and they were grinding eachother to get our attention and it worked we were laughing and then we left and a guy grabed abby and was trying to dance with her and got in back of her and she elbowed him in the ribs and we ran away and went outside and got a drink (pop we didn't drink booze obviously WERE IN 9th GRADE FOR GODS SAKE!) and then we went and danced some more and took pictures and yeah alot of other stuff and came home around 11:30 it was exciting buy tiering k c ya.
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Thursday, September 28, 2006

   wow @_@~
oh my well what can I say? I've been in school for a while now and it's going good there is a lot of homework but that's high school right? (*O_O OH MY GOD IT"S OZZY OZBOURNE! SHOT IN THE DARK SONG! EEEEEEEEEKKKKKK! SWEET I LOVE THIS SONG!.......O_O)andway back to topic I haven't made any new friends I knew every one already from last year it's sorta crappy but that's okay. But then there are so many fun things to do like JV tennis team and then get to be varsity when I'm in 12th grade and the tennis team is the 3rd coolest thing in school right next to football(1# coolest) and cheerleading (2# coolest) speaking of football that's another fun thing is going to the games those are popular nearly the whole school goes. I haven't gone yet been busy but I want to, then there are the dances (that I am going to with my friends this saturday so that should be exciting). And feeling older and responsible and geting more previladges (is that it?, sorry I'm usually so good at spelling I get a's on my spelling tests!I'm just really tired right now.) and then of course there are the crappy things like not seeing your other friends in a different school who are like a grade lower then of what you are. But that's okay so c ya all when ever if I do get a chance on the computer any time soon and not being coocked up in my room with a pile of homework that needs to be done. BUH BYE!
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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

K so today was the first day of school (9th grade for me) I like my classess and the people who are there with me even if their jocks and preps (football players and cheerleaders) there not to bad. So we were throwing a ball around in 2nd hour today and we had to pass it to someone in our class and they had to say what there name is and their favorite class and what is the best movie they've seen all summer long and then it came my turn so I did it and passed it to a cheerleader ( >_<" unfortunatly I don't know my own strength) and I threw it a lil to hard and the ball nailed her in the throat and she let out a really loud scream (ME:>_<) and droped the ball and nearly started crying THE TEACHER: "wow when you said you like sports you woren't kidding, good throw, you have a very good arm!"
ME: O_O .............whispers *I"m sorry are you okay?*
the girls a weenie. And when I got off the bus everyone has to head to there connections teacher (AKA THEIR ADVISOR) who takes attendence and tells you your schedule and what's for lunch and so on....... and I got lost and I wondered around till I finally found it and their was only 10 minutes of class left and my teacher was pissed I got yelled at (ME:-_-") *thinks to self: IT"S MY FIRST DAY HERE GIVE ME A BREAK DUDE!* and then I saw my crush at lunch (yes gentelmen this is more for girls I know) and he found out that I liked him cause my friend MewMew Azumi19 I had to told her about it and one of our guy friends found out and MewMew Azumi19 paid him not to tell but he did any way. And all I did was look at my crush and only me and him know about it no one else. So he glared at me and then looked down at his tray (and his a 10th grader) and I walked right past and went to get in line with my friend to get lunch (well k it was only her I wasn't hungry) but I stood by her and all the sudden my crush came and stood behind her and I quickly told my friend because she had heard of him from me but wanted to know what he looked like so I said her name and pointed quickly to him while he wasn't looking and had him back turned and then he turned around and my friend stupidly turned around made full eye contact with him and smiled and then turned back around and he clearly got the picture that my friend knew about him and he glared at me again and looked away I sat with my friend and some other friend in a different lunch room. And they all aet I didn't I sat there smacking myself in the head with a book. For messing up so bad. It sux k c ya gauys bye!

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

   JOY RIDE !!
Yesterday these 2 neighborhood kids a brother and sister came to my house asking if I want to play and there like the ages of (the girl is) 11 and (the boy is) 8 and we used to go to the same russian school so and I was trying to tell them off and going like "NO!, i don't want to play go away!" but that didn't work and they talked me into it and them showed me this awsome spot where in a neighborhood there is an extremely steep hill and we were racing down it like 20 times. And I went right ahead of the 2 kids as fast as I could on my bike and lost my control of my bike and my brakes wouldn't stop and I hit a curb and flew over my bike and did a summersolt and landed on my butt and sat there in the sprinkler system laughing hysterically but then we had to walk up that giant hill cause my brakes,gears,and peddles broke and non of it would work I was pissed. but then when we got up there all 3 of our bikes wouldn't work and we sat there fixing our bikes and we got yelled at by some guy and women.
The women:_ The 3 of you shouldn't be doing that you can crash into a car and the car can hit you cause it won't see you BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH..........

The Guy: *points to me* Youalmost hit my car do you have no respect all of you get out of here! stop folling around BLAH BLAH BLAH......
ME: *points to the boy*_ tell him he was the one trying to make me crash into your car (he was geting to close to me and trying to shove me off my bike and push me into the car)

so then we all went home so that was an intresting day k c ya.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

I am babysiting 2 cayotic 8 year olds they are crazy their acting like there high on pot sorry but it had to be said.
first 8 year old to 2nd 8yr old: what did you do with my purse?
second 8yr old:*cocky smile* I ate it!
me:*burst out laughing*
me:*points a finger* I LOVE THAT ONE! *ROFLAO*

first 8yr old to 2nd year old: fine I'll just go and hide your water bottle....
2nd year old:okay...*shruggs* I'll just go get another one.
me: *bored expression on face* *sarcastically_ ooooooh wow I'm so scared.

Me: 10 minutes later on phone calls friend
the 2 8 yrs olds mimic me
me: SHUT UP! SHUT UP! *friends dad answers phone me still screaming shut up*
friends dad:excuse me?
me: *thinks in head* oh shit.......*smacks myself on forhead.
so yeah that's how my day went till 9pm so yeah c ya guys bye!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

   A Good Deed..........
I found my nighbor's dog running around out side and it has been missing for days and they don't even bother looking for it for puting up flyers
-_-" The dog is dirty,smelly eeeeeeewww, but poor dog. It was scared to go home it had it's tail inbetween it's legs and it was shaking and pulling and didn't want to go home (I used my dog's leash to bring the dog home) but I petted it and spoke to it and got it to go home and I gave it a treat ^_^ it liked the treat ^_^. But yeah I wrote the people a note to check the fence and make sure the dog doesn't get out again. Cause i would hate if anything happend to the dog it's a extremely cute and playful and nice dog it would be sad to see anything happend to it. I have a tennis ternament today I made the vasity team in school ^_^ WHOOOOO! but I'm scared were playing towards another school today. hopefuly everything goes well wish me luck. BYE!

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Friday, August 18, 2006

I got a stripe on my white belt now all I need is 2 more and then in september I get my golden/yellow belt. And I found out that my dojo is one of the best around and the students learn 100 times better then any other place. And my teachers teacher so good that the fastest that any one has ever gotten there black belt was in 2 years and it's gonna take me 3 years to get my black belt cause I'm doind well and I really want this. And the slowest that anyone has ever gotten there black belt is 8 years >_<" ouch, I would hate to be that person. okay c ya.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

well not really @_@ more like a really bad sun burn. It's the color of a really really red apple and when ever I put my hand on my arm it turn white and leaves a print and then turns red again. OW! I'm outside for hours everyday and usually my skin doesn't tan nor sunburn what so ever but not it's really tan and extremely sunburnt and my skin is begining to peel a lil bit. I think my sensi is mad at me cause I skipped a couple of days of lessons cause i went up north with my friend and her mom with her mom's friends. And when I came come the second day later my sensei called my house asking where I have been. And my friend when we were up at the cabing her mom and her mom's friend's got extremely hammered (drunk) to the point where they were like a bunch of 2 year olds. And my friend and I were allowed 2 jellow shots each (jellow with vodka in them) and my friend and I got a lil drunk and my friend tried to do the straight line test like the cops make you do when they pull you over and my friend started to walk and all the sudden wabbled and fell over on the ground so she had a lil to much and then I had tennis and I was still feeling a lil funny I tried to hit the ball 3 times and just spung around and fell to the ground and was rolling around laughing hysterically. -_-" and then I came home and got a really bad hangover and slept for the rest of the day. so yeah it was intresting..........*light bulb goes off in head* OH YEAH I REMEMBER NOW WHAT I WANTED TO SAY! My friend got a otaku accoung the name is GunFire_Girl so please go visit her guys and sigh her guest book and like whatever so okay see ya later bye!

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