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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Twas the night before Christmas...
Not a creature was stirring, not even a boy who can become a mouse.

So it's Christmas eve! I'm so exited!! I'm totally racking up on money this year, I didn't get many gifts but oh the cash and cards! XD
Let me recap all the festivities starting with at my Grandmother's.
Okay, so the first night we got there Nanny, Dad and Uncle Greg all had to attend a funeral while Papa stayed at home to make sure us kids weren't getting addicted to prescription drugs. (I swear, she's paranoid about that.) We, as in my sisters, my cousin, Papa and I all watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I had already seen it once already that day in the car but I was eager to watch it again. That's how much I love it. Well, everyone seemed to enjoy it, although Hoshi-sama and Zac couldn't get over the fact that they sang. (It's a musical, people!)
But anyway, later that night we took Nanny out, telling her that we had reservations at some fancy restaurant. Then we told her that Dad and Uncle Greg had to stop at her pastor's house to "look at some golf clubs." When in reality we were leading them to the party. She complained the entire time about being late for the reservation.
When we got there and tricked them inside they were both so surprised! I was so happy for them, Nanny had never had a surprise party in her life.
After we got through with the party we went back to Nanny's house and opened presents. I only got two or three presents but I got money which is always good!
So anyway, we left there a couple uneventful days later and we had Christmas at the Hancocks.

I really can't tell you how much I love the Hancocks, every single one of them. I feel closer to them really than to my own family. I would much rather be around Lance and Justin than Brian or Nicholas. But aside from all that we had such a good time and I got to try this stuff called "Wossle" or however you spell it. Then we all sat in a huge circle and people talked about what they were thankful for and what they wanted from God in the coming year. I almost cried when Lance and Jenna were talking. Lance started to cry and I thought it was so sweet, we never see him serious. It was also kinda funny because his son, Lane kept laughing and making noise. He's only one, so he's still a baby.
Then Mum started talking about how much the Hancocks mean to us, I really started crying then. When we left that night we hugged everyone five or six times. They're so special.

Well, the next day we went to Pastor Kluane's house to spend Christmas with them.
I played the Sims a lot with sweet Amber and then we opened gifts. Dawson kept saying that every gift was from him! It was so cute.

And today we went to my other Grandmother's house, we had such fun and Chloe was so cute. X] I got myself a bunch of money and a couple of gifts which included a lovely t-shirt of Gone With The Wind! It so pretty, I think I'm going to wear it boxing day!

Anyway, if I don't get to post tomorrow, Merry Christmas!!!! (And potentially Happy Boxing Day, too.)

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