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Monday, December 18, 2006

One week left...
It's one week until Christmas! I'm so exited.
I just got back today from Sandersville, I didn't inform you all that I was leaving, sorry.
But I had a good time, we celebrated Mrs. Cynthia's 53rd birthday! We also celebrated Ms. Cindy's 40th, Mr. Ricky's 60th and some other woman I don't know's 40th. We had such good fun and had lots of laughs. Well, day after tomorrow I leave again to go to my grandmother's house. Were celebrating Christmas and their 50th wedding anniversary. We're throwing them a surprise party. Okay, it's really not a surprise for Papa because we had to tell him so he could get Nanny to go to the place we're having the party. She was so adamant on cooking for us, but we had other, more festive plans.

I bought to DVDs today. I got Doctor Zhivago and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Two of my most favorite movies!
Both are the two disk special edition versions, which is such a good find. I spent 40 dollars but I don't care, I love those movies. I think I'm developing quite a collection of DVDs.
I've got a good portion of chapter one finished of my book. (Yay for me!)
...Okay, I'm running out of things to say so I'll end with,
Happy Christmas!

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