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Saturday, August 6, 2005

Its about freakin time!
So heres a nice update, just to prove i'm still alive. and oh god how alive i am. Little bit disapointed in a few speshul people that probably have no fluckriggin clue what im talking about, but thats okay cuz neither do I half the time. So anyways, I'm grounded and shit so i'm not supposed to be on the computer...Fuckin pisses me off when people assume shit about me, then fuckin yell at me about it. I almost beat the shit out of my stepdad again, because hes an ignorant dumbshit that thinks he's the big cheese. So I cussed him out, and went out the backyard. Mom was like DONT YOU FUCKIN DARE LEAVE THE YARD. So I flipped her off and jumped the backfence into the neighbors yard, their dog tried to bite me so i kicked the fucker in the head. Went for a walk to cool off, and found this cool ass old folks home and a bunch of rich people houses. The old folks home is HUGE and has 2 fountains, suprised I never knew about this before. So anyways, after hanging out there for a while talking to sam on the phone, some old geezer called the cops on me...he was like "oh noes theres a half naked goth guy sneaking around at 1 in the morning!" fuckin old people, they need to hurry up and die... -_-

So pretty much thats why I'm grounded, i'm going in for a trim today so I might be posting new pics eventually. Later fuckers.

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Insane Clown Posse - The Ravens Mirror

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