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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mood: Kinda down don't know why

Well new thene...the Sheryl one was kinda eh really. There wasn't really a font color that would go with it so I changed the theme to my new favorite obsession: VOCALOID.

If you've never heard of it this is VOCALOID.

But yeah, back to mood.

I'm feeling eh...don't know why. It just happened (maybe because of this week? I don't know.)

Also kinda bored lol~
And hoping since I just turned in an application for a LJ roleplay community...I hope it gets accepted ><

Anywho....nothing more to say.

Here's a random Vocaloid video featuring Hatsune Miku:

It's the PV for the song on my pro :) So just pause that before watching this.

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